Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meeting me...

I bumped into myself the other day
I said sorry and almost walked on
But there was something strikingly familiar
That made me wonder where I knew this stranger

So I turned back to call her
And there she stood wearing this wistful smile
“You didn’t even recognize me did you?”
The sadness in her voice was almost painful to hear

“I’m sorry but who are you?” I asked
She shook her head but answered all the same
I am she who you see when into a mirror you look
Tis sad you do not know me for I am you

“My image you mean? That’s what I see in a mirror”
“Nay – I am more than just the image you see in a mirror
I am what you should have been working on
Instead of your image, how others see you

I am your personality, the entirety of your emotions
Your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and perceptions
I am the part of you that cries, that feels
I am the you you do not know
I am thin even though your flesh is not
I have been starved of attention for so long
Whilst you worked on what others see
Your face, you weight and your hair

I have suffered neglect at your hand
Yea, you do not even know me
You shut me down when I tell you
What I want, what’s good for you

“Oh! You are the one always talking to me in my head”
“I wouldn’t always have to talk if you listened some of the time”
“See, I knew that guy was bad for us
But you just had to make us find out for real

I am the you that suffers
When you make those disastrous choices you are so good at
I am the you who tells you
You deserve so much better than you give you

I am going to be with you for a long long time
And we could work so well together
Why don’t you take some time off
So you get to know me?

Man, know thyself it has been said
So I took some time off, looked inside me
And I learnt so much about this stranger
The wonderful person called me

I learnt what makes her tick, what makes her laugh
What makes her mad, what makes her cry
I learnt exactly how strong she can be
And what is just too much for her

I think sometimes we neglect ourselves
Too busy worrying about our looks and how others see us
Forgetting that they will all go and we’ll still be
So the sooner we get used to us, the better

Know you, man, know thyself
Accept thyself and love you for you
For how others see you, value you
Is a direct function of how you see yourself
And how can you expect others to know you and love you
When you do not know yourself
And how do you get what you want in life when you don’t know what that is?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sharing My Man

There’s only one man I know who loves from head to toe
And not only that, even loves your soul
If he were just flesh and blood, he’d be called a toke
But believe you me, this man is no joke

He’s everything you could ever want in a man
And that place where most men seem to fall,
Happens to be this man’s greatest strength
This faithful man, He’s no ordinary man, at all

You see when I met this man, I was young
I needed protection and strong arms (He delivered)
Now, because he’s kept me, I’m strong
And still need protection and strong arms (He delivers)

I’ve outgrown more toys and boys than I care to count
And yet no matter how much I grow, I remain His baby
Helpless, naked, hungry, and vulnerable, no doubt
But in Him, I’m secure, fed and clothed in radiant robes

You see this man, bought these clothes with all He had
On the cross of Calvary, where He shed His blood
These clothes cost more than any designer brand
Yet I didn’t have to ‘pay in kind’ like with other guys

What could I ever want that this man can’t provide?
Lyrics? He wrote me a whole book. It’s called the bible
Cash? Jewellery? Shoes? The earth and all in it is His
Attention? He’s there 24/7 ever waiting for my call

If you’re waiting for a ‘but’, I’m sorry, there’s none
There’s rather an ‘and’ Yup, you heard right, there’s more
You can have this man too. And no, I’m not…
Suggesting a ménage a trois, Get your mind home

This man is Jesus and He’s amazing
He satisfies me in every way conceivable
But don’t just take my word for it
You’ll want to experience Him for yourself.

If He’s your man too, you’re probably nodding
If not what are you waiting for?
Get on your knees and tell Him you wanna know Him too
And He will take it from there
(Go on, you know you want to)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Shanice Durden BNV2010


I believe this is my first feature I have done. I just started looking into spoken word (I know, I'm wayy late) and amazing talents such as this have me hooked!