Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nwoye (The Son that never was...)

I just saw this write a story in seven tweets challenge. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED... wanna know what you think :)

#1 I wake up with an ache deep in my belly. My hand instinctively rushes to my abdomen. The most excruciating pain follows & I scream...

#2 My husband awakes. 'Baby, what's wrong?' he asks. The worry & tenderness in his touch, as he wipes sweat from my brow, break my heart.

#3 I listen for the children but they still sleep. I sigh with relief. 'what's wrong?' He repeats. I shake my head & turn to hide my tears

#4 'Bad dream?' I nod. 'I'll make you some tea & we can talk about it okay?' I nod again. My tears choke me. I think he knows we wont talk.

#5 It's happened every 1st April since we've been married. He never gets answers. I want to tell. but he wont understand... noone will.

#6 The pain is mine... I deserve this cruel reminder my womb gives me... of a silent murder... evidence flushed into a septic tank.

#7 Nwoye (yes, I named him) would have turned nine today... if only I'd kept him...

so, what do you think?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dear God... Fond Childhood Memories

I have always had an intense and passionate relationship with books. I love reading and when I was young, all who were close to me knew that whenever they wanted to give me a gift, a book was their surest way of putting a smile on my face.

one of the books I remember fondly is a book with a compilation of 'Dear God letters'. It contained questions from young people all over the world, addressed to God.

The only question I remember off the top of my head is 'Dear God, do you have a wife?' (how typical!) Some of the letters were funny, heartwarming, ridiculous (to adults), etc. But they were all innocent, honest and very pertinent.

Thanks to our dear friend Google, I found the book. It is 'Children's Letters to God' by Stuart Hample and Eric Marshall. I think it would make a great gift for any child you know who loves to read.

Some of my favourite letters were;

proof to support Eugene's letter

  • Dear God, I didn't think orange went with purple until I saw the sunset you made on tuesday. That was cool!...Eugene
  • Dear God, I went to a wedding and they kissed right in church. Is that okay?... Neil
  • Dear God, What does it mean you're a jealous God? I thought you had everything... Robert
  • Dear God, I think about you sometimes, even when I'm not praying... Elliot
  • Dear God, In Sunday school, they told us what You do. Who does it when you're on vacation?... Jane
Reminiscing about the book and the warm memories of my childhood and Sunday school it holds, I thought of a few questions I would ask God were I to write Him a letter...

  • Dear God, Why doesn't every Christian die old and in their sleep?
  • Dear God, If you are coming soon, why do we have to do hard stuff like go to school and work? (I know the practical answer to this... but what's the point?)
  • Dear God, Why are there more women than men in the world? Is it true that you never intended a one to one mapping?
  • Dear God, Are you our heavenly FATHER not mother cos the earthly mothers do an adequate job whilst the fathers...
  • Dear God, why do you allow good people to die young whilst some evil men remain?
What would you ask God in your letter?


Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Sea and I... (and you?)

I miss the sea... It calls out my name. I long for the coolness of it's waters and the warmth of it's sand...

I long for the rhythm of it's waves, beating in tune with the drums from the calypso bar where chilled coconut juice and sweet, fresh palmie abound.

I long for the barely-there shade of coconut trees. Filtering the light and casting interesting shadows as you walk along the beach, your feet caressing the sand

I miss the tropical sunset when sea and sky meet and provide canvas for one of the most eloquent testimonies to the genius of God's art displayed in creation I know

I love the sea. I fear it too. I'm in awe of it's power and strength. Grateful for it's carriage of sustenance - I love seafood

Yet, terrified of it's power to crush and destroy; it's ability to be a calm lamb and raging beast, and the ability to change from one to the other without any warning

Wary, of it's power to suck people in and spit them out when it pleases; as if to remind us every now and then, I may allow you to swim and fish, but I remain king (...As if there was ever a question) 

I miss the inspiration that invariably comes listening to the waves, starring at the vast sea, and horizon... Inspiration to create... (procreate?)

Contemplating the universe and where I fit into the big picture of God's portrait of nature. Being humbled to prayer...

I miss the background music and stage props it provides for the most beautiful of love stories. Stripping us bare of florid coverings on our hearts and bodies... 

Teasing out the thoughts and feelings we so often miss and ignore with the hustle and bustle of everyday life...

Some of the most beautiful memories I have, were hosted by the sea. You were there, I remember and smile.

Yes, I really miss the sea... But, God help me, I miss you more :) :) 

Friday, March 4, 2011

When an everyday convo becomes ?poetry?

So I was off twitter for a couple of months and this is how I was welcomed back by my dearest friend Ekow ... (unedited) I like intelligent goofiness :) :) 

The famed Grand Star has returned!
Returned from her quest
Oh brightest Etoile!
How dreary my night sky has been without ye.
Come! Come shine thine light in me.

In thee, thou sayest, brave knight?
Say verily, canst thou stand the heat?
My fiery light is not just bright
it is but also some ferocious  heat

Then burn I will if I must.
For this world is cold and dark
Far cold for the sun's  warmth
Far dark for the sun's piercing rays
So blind me with thine light
Incinerate me with thine warmth.
I will not settle for no other existence!

If so thou desireth most
Then come forth
My dearest Knight
I shall heed thy request
Ash and cinder thou shalt soon be
But thou shall burn in joy and utter glee

Pleasure sweeter than Anything known in this world
Engulf me and leave not a trace of me in this world
Not an atom's trace

written with Ekow