Thursday, August 5, 2010

One Fine Prep... (What we do when we are supposed to be studying!)

This is a vintage piece by yours truly... written about seven years ago when I was in Secondary(now Senior High) School.

I tried to work some Math
But ended up calculating
the angle of your eye

I tried to do some Geography
But each map I drew,
bore a striking resemblance to you

I wanted to do Economics
But the marginal utility of your smile
Kept going up and refused to come down

I couldn't practice my French orals
'Cos one phrase kept repeating itself in my mind
Je t'aime; Je t'aime; Je t'aime

With History, I was hopeless
Because the only date I had memorized
Was the day I met you

The only Chemistry I was interested in
Was the one between you and me
But try as I may, I just couldn't balance the equation

I decided to try some Physics
And that is when disaster struck
The photometer I tried using to measure the brightness of your smile
broke down due to over-exposure to bright light - your smile

And so I thought - what the heck?
Lemme try some English and write you a letter
But alas! just then, the siren for prep-over went
I guess I'll have to make that another time...

SMH! Youthful exuberance indeed. I wonder who my inspiration was at the time. I cant for the life of me remember.

So I was chatting with a friend of mine in University and we were going over this poem and we came up with very valid questions, just poking a bit of fun at myself -

  • Doesn't the person having an angle to his eye imply that he was cross-eyed? Why would anyone find being reminded of that flattering?
  • Considering the most common maps we were drawing - Ghana, W. Africa and Africa, that dude must have been interestingly proportioned... Or I was a terrible artist. The latter is more likely...
  • What was the day I met him? I had no idea... 
  • Unbalanced chemical equation meant one of us was more attracted that the other right? yup! probably me shamelessly pining over a guy who didn't even know I exist...
O! to be young again!!!