Sunday, May 22, 2011

We run to fight another day...

You can run fast, run far, jump hurdles and leap over holes. However, when a fight is yours, you run to fight another day. No matter how fast you can run, life is a marathon and so you're bound to get tired along the way. And then whatever you were running from in the first place, will catch up with you, stronger and wiser from that boot camp training you took it through, running away from it. 

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My own don turn Usain Bolt o (or Dayron Robles, the guy in the picture) ! and there couldn't have been a wronger time... God dey though... Watch this place for a testimony. How is everyone's summer going?


  1. Well said. It is just best to face the problem squarely the first time instead of allowing it train at boot camp. It is well

  2. Yes o.... you're right. it is well :)

  3. my summer is goin great! & God wld definitely see u through