Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Child Prostitute

No, this is not a child prostitute. She and I are crying for the loss of Childhood innocence suffered by many.

They say it hurts a lot the first time
I do not doubt it
I have seen these men come and go 
And if they are in proportion to themselves
I can imagine how it would hurt
For I am twelve and but a wee lass

They say there's loads of pain and shame
But all I can feel are the pains in my tummy
All I can see are the tears of my dying mother
All I can hear are the cries of my baby brother
Crying in vain for food, breastmilk,
Which the desert of  my mother's ailing body cannot produce

They say, don't do it, you're so young
And beautiful with your whole life ahead of you
Not understanding I have no hope
of living to see this future otherwise
What use will youth and beauty be to me?
When I lie dead from sickness and hunger?

They say its an evil, I believe them
I wish i didn't have to do this too
The pot-bellies disgust me, i disgust myself
I've cried out to God till I have no tears left
And what is shame in the face of pain?
(hunger pangs, hurt, no lie!)
And what is pain (of deflowering) in the face of death?

##For all the Children who are compelled to become adults before their time...
#Put a smile on a needy Child's face this Christmas

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