Thursday, June 2, 2011

Are we losing focus?

I've seen and heard of countless girls and on the lower side guys get broken hearts and weep their eyes out and even sometimes go mad or commit suicide as a result of failed human relationships.

However, I have never seen anyone & I've heard of very few become that broken about losing their relationship with God.

We claim we want the best when it comes to love but very often turn our backs on the best love of all.

We value the valueless & disregard the invaluable

Are we not losing focus?


  1. it's easy to say. but the fact is that it is so much harder to focus on our relationship to a God we cannot see, as opposed to people, whom we can see.

    Plus, our relationship with God is often infintely more complicated than our human relationships. Plus, the love of God is not easy - it demands so much more than the love found in our human relationships. so i actually see why people will shy away from it, or lose focus of it often. it's His grace alone that keeps us focused on it.

  2. I disagree very much with you Jaye. Who's easier to love than the one who loved us even when we were rotten sinners?
    How complicated is "If you love me you'll obey my commands?"
    Who has published a comprehensive 'My Self' than God, so that we'll know him for who he is, know his secrets and what makes him tick?
    How demanding is a prayer and an obedient heart?
    Doesn’t the fact that he’s unchanging and his love is unconditional remove all surprise elements? The kind that a seemingly honest man would have in his skeleton-filled closet?
    And you ironically end it beautifully when you mention grace…isn’t that like the teacher helping us with the question during an exam? Hope u see my point
    Oye, good piece!

  3. A bit confusing to me. I am sure we can agree that it is the partner who is deserted who gets heartbroken. As far as I am told, God does not leave us; we leave him. So, why would we be heartbroken?

  4. @Anyan - no. I am not disputing the love of God. i am saying that the love of God is NOT something we take lightly, nor it all cool and cuddly. It strips us bare and holds us to his purifying fire, which is NOT FUN, NOR EASY. it is all blythe to say "who is easier to love" blah blah blah, but when it comes down to it, it is the hardest thing to do because the God who gave all demands our all, and then some more. Ask St. Theresa of avila, ask Horatio spafford. ask Ezekiel. ask Jeremiah. Ask the christians of old. Ask Larry Crabb, ask anyone who's really WALKED with their God. It is not an easy thing, especially to a God who's unseen, immortal, onmiscient and who does not always explain things to us. It is NOT easy. No way. it isn't. It's His grace that brings us through. But to truly love God with all our heart soul and mind in most defintely no easy to do.

  5. Ps: "if you love me obey my commands is exceedingly difficult to do." Walking with God is not easy and many times not fun.

    I see nothing wrong in saying it. Or saying that we lose focus of him and his love because it's true. He knows it too, He really does.

  6. I like the different angles being held up for consideration here. Nana Yaw, God does not desert us. I was using the extent of brokenheartedness as a measure of how much the relationship meant to us and the grief as an estimation of how much we believe we've lost and the pain of that loss. We grieve when we lose fickle human relationships because we just wanted to be loved and for that love to last forever and yet turn our back on forever love, readily putting it on the bench for human love and not batting an eyelid over the closeness lost with God. Especially seeing as that is by our own doing. Thanks for pointing that out, It will help me draw clearer analogies in future :)

  7. Ben and Lady Jaye, yes, it is grace that keeps us all focused. We all can't of our own strength and will; but we can through Christ.