Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Fathers Day!!!

I was recently talking to a friend who likes to call himself a 'reformed player'. I wanted tips to give to the young ladies I was speaking to later in the day. I was to talk to them about things we do and say as ladies, and vibes we give off, consciously or unconsciously that make us prime target for hit and run bad boys, players, etc. Who better to ask than a 'reformed player'?

I asked him what he thought was the greatest common denominator for all the 'prey' he was successful with. He promptly replied "Daddy issues". Fathers who were not there, fathers who did not care, fathers who made home such a living hell that their daughter could break every rule with you and not care so long as you kept her from the harsh reality that was home a little longer.

Fathers! Some of them seem so oblivious to their God-given roles and mandates in the lives of their children, sons and daughters alike. Today is fathers day and to quote Bishop T. D. Jakes, good men need appreciation... the othere need encouragement. So I will like to encourage those fathers who need encouragement,fatherhood is more than a sperm and some money.

I understand that sometimes, society does not help you out, making it seem like all you 'owe' your children is food, shelter, clothing and some form of training. And even then, it's an 'attempt all' not 'answer all' exam so you can choose which obligations you want to fufil, especially where there is no strict law enforcement to compel you.

Fatherhood is more, however. The man your son becomes and the husband your daughter takes are dependent on the man you are. They will be looking for same or exact opposite of you; and thus your legacy affects the next generation. Your approval makes a world of difference to their sense of self-worth and the heights they attain in life. You wield a lot of power over their lives, so please tread carefully.

I will also like to encourage all those who have been wronged in one way or another by their fathers, and those who have never had a father. Remember that the greatest father of all is God and He is always there for you even when your father and/or mother forsake you (Psalm 27:10)

To those who have strained relationships with their fathers, today is a great opportunity to reconnect if they are still alive. As much as is safe and humanly possible, it is a good idea to relate with your father knowing him may help you understand you. Ask for the grace to give a perfect love to an imperfect man. 

That said, I will like to thank and pray for continued grace for all GOOD fathers, step-fathers, spiritual fathers, mentors and all other father figures. Thank you for being here on earth, a representation of our heavenly father. We LOVE you all. 

To the up and coming ones, I pray for the grace to be good fathers when the time comes.

And to the single fathers and mothers who are both mum and dad to their children, Happy Fathers Day, and God bless you.


  1. I agree that having loving, caring and attentive parents has a lot to do with how children grow up and the choices they make.
    My last post was on something similar.

  2. Reformed player??? Warris that??? he knew what he was doing all that while,the fact that the girls have issues at home doesn`t mean he has to take advantage of them. Anyway some are soo tired of being locked up @ home and tend to do everything they tag as fun with the short time they have outside. Back to the Father`s day post..As quoted in your post,good men need appreciation..the others need encouragement.Short but Powerful,its not too late for Dads not living up to expectations to make amends. HappY Father`s Day to all soon-to-be dads, new dads, single dads, married dads, step-fathers, grandfathers… and those playing a father like role. Happy Father’s Day to all those father’s who have sadly passed on. Happy Father’s Day to all men living up to their responsibilities and obligations in a genuine lovingly way. Thanks for the acknowledgement .We are Humbled :) by we i mean me too oh..i go be papa soon Amen :P

  3. @ Didi: reformed player as in, he don change! lol. you're welcome