Saturday, January 21, 2012

Breaking Her Own Heart

Tears stuck behind her eyelids, Anna blinks, trying to get rid of the foreign material in her eyes. Foreign because tears that wouldn't fall aren't tears; God knows what they were. She lifts her head high and shakes her head, sniffing back more 'tears'.

She refused to cry, for there was no one but herself to blame for the pain. How would she explain her tears? "I took a knife, stuck it in my own chest and twisted it like a screwdriver?" For that was the naked truth.

She had broken her heart all by herself. Her head and heart had both said no and yet she had gone ahead and fallen anyway, fallen upon the sharp knife which now wrenched her gut, called it love when it was pure, unadulterated lust.

But through it all, she smiled. For she had broken a heart she thought she no longer had. And the excrutiating pain at least meant it was still there. Its magnitude showed the insurmountable joy she could one day feel

And so she smiled through the 'tears' that  would not fall. They'd fall when joy arrived. They'd fall as tears of joy. (Or so she hoped prayed)


  1. Awwww Anna, i just want to hug her, lol

  2. I've often wondered if this is why people who commit or attempt suicide by slitting their wrists choose that avenue out. Do they need to feel the pain to know they're still alive?

  3. @Coy~Introvert: I'll relay the hug ;)

    @Fantasy Queen: *brave smile*

    @miss.fab: Interesting question. I'll wager that just like she didn't go seeking heartbreak, most of them don't consciously go looking for the pain. A lot of them, for the various reasons, actually want to die at the moment they make the attempt. The pain can be a wake-up call to some. But it's more an ancillary benefit than the major goal for most.