Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Story that cannot be Told

What do you do with a story

you cannot tell yourself?

A story where not even the

hundredth person narrative would do

And so first, second and third are out?

A story which shows you in the most

unbecoming light ever?

Going against everything you are (were?)

And everything you ever stood for

Being everything but you?

What do you do with a story

you cannot forget about?

A story which would change everything

and yet wont stay down

no matter how hard you push?

A story that would make your

mentors and mentees at the very least

See you as an ugly beast

Or at the other end be so shocked they wonder

if the sun truly rises from the east?

What do you do with a story

that is a painful lump in you throat?

A story you'd gladly have surgery for

To get rid of the lump

And to erase it from your mind?

A story which makes you cry each night

scaldng tears that would not fall?

A story which sends you out

for a strenuous midnight jog

just to pause the thoughts?

A story which when you return from the jog

exhausted beyond belief

cold and shivering

and enter the the shower,

comes rushing back with the hot water?

A story you pray about every night?

A story you cannot forgive yourself for?

A story which... *swallows*

What do you do with such a story?

What can you do with such a story?

What must you do with such a story?

Can you do anything with such a story?


  1. I know someone who will actually listen to such a story and not judge or condemn you. Tell it to Jesus, and see what happens!!


  2. Thanks. Been talking to Him. There's no where else to go now!

  3. I got this. I really truly got this.