Saturday, April 7, 2012

Why I know I will 'always' love you

  • Because I couldn't grasp the dictionary definition of euphoria until you held me away in your arms after a long hug, looked me in the eye with wonder and kissed my forehead with reverence. 

  • Because I, Miss flippant and nonchalant began to do crazy, fiercely possessive things like envy the sun its ability to touch any and every part of you, right there in the open.

  • Because the light and heat from your smile that greets me when I enter a room makes me wonder why energy is still an issue when there's enough light and warmth for an eternity in that smile.

  • Because your hand holding mine is more than enough backbone to face whatever obstacle life may think itself clever to have thrown my way. 

  • Because I never understood Romeo and Juliet until I stood by your bedside, machines beeping and wondered what would be left to live for if you didn't make it.

  • Because I never understood leaving the 99 sheep to pursue the lost one until I stood in my dream house, dream job in hand and realized I'd gladly give them all up to have you back from beyond

  • Because I can't bring myself to talk/write about you in the past tense after all this while.

  • Because I've never stopped asking God why

  • Because, just because