Friday, August 12, 2011

How low shall we sink?

(What I think about when I should be sleeping...)

Perhaps I'm being paranoid but every time I take stock,it seems society is sinking deeper and deeper into an abyss of depravity. And what is worse is that the deeper we sink, the more we accept the depths as the norm and shun the 'light', calling it idealistic and unattainable.

Pertinent examples
1) Anyone over the age of 18(being very optimistic here) who claims virginity must be a liar or a closeted freak who is fighting a losing battle against her 'true' self/nature.
2) Anyone who expects faithfulness in a committed relationship or even marriage is an idealist, has his/her head in the clouds and is asking for the impossible.
3) Anyone who does not take alcohol, smoke cigarettes or do drugs is an A+ liar or a frustrated human who is allowing their 'true self' to be oppressed and suppressed by societal or religious expectations. No negotiations.
4) Anyone who expects honesty from others and is honest is just too naive for his/her own good and is asking to be taken advantage of.

These are off the top of my head, but I'm sure you can help me name more. Do share similar ideologies you may have encountered or heard of...

Number two is very interesting to me. We have 'psychologists' coming up with studies to show that poly-amorous relationships are the way to go and anyone who denies or resists this is asking for a lifetime of deception or heartache. And people are buying into this. I'm sure as alarming as divorce rates are, they have fallen in some places because people are just not bothering to get married any more. Why bother?

Question is, if we are discovering our 'true natures' as all these findings and forward ways of thinking are suggesting, why is society in a greater mess than it's ever been, with a forecast of a continued downhill ride?


  1. Lol @ the "psychologists" and their studies! What a way to brain wash people!

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  3. It gets worse when people can open their mouths, and tell you they cannot remain faithful should a relationship be of a distant nature at which ever point in time.

    Sinking? we have indeed sunk when our expectation of ourselves is so low.

  4. We sink & seem to accept the depth coz of the new system or Era we find ourselves in. we all believe in Freedom "FREE DOM". Sad but nothing can be done coz we have been brain washed. May GOD help us all.. N.B..Don`t drink & Smoke. :)

  5. @ Gee: brainwash is the word. And people buy into it so quickly because they preach the 'easier' road.
    @ Lucci: You took the words right out of my mouth.
    @Didi: I've been drinking water and smoking fish my whole life. it will be rather difficult to stop now ;)

  6. you're not paranoid dear. Very true, all you've written.

  7. hahahaha Yes You can`t stop now,i drink water but don`t smoke fish..i don`t even like fish :P

  8. When people accepted Darwinism, they did it uncritically, because what it gave them was a rationale for getting rid of God and for redefining everything, and good became evil and evil good, just as the Bible said we would do. Not only is there more depravity,and it is undeniable, but there is more and more brutality against the ones who want their God to be the Holy One, who believe His teachings, instead of worshipping themselves or another.