Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Favourite Time of the Day is...

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Just before Sunrise...
The moon is still there but is grudgingly conceding defeat and going down slowly
The sun is not yet out but it’s brighter than it’s been all night so I know that it is just around the corner
And as the sun lazily rises and bursts brightness onto the mellow scene, it’s the gift of a new day, to do with as I choose
It’s another day! Yesterday doesn’t matter so much anymore, unless I want it to and refuse (consciously or unconsciously) to move on. 
Today, I can take a step closer to my dream, or a step further away from it.
I can read a book, write, have intelligent discussions and advance my existing knowledge
I could discover the cure for cancer or AIDS
I could also do nothing, add no value whatsoever to my life or the world.
Or even subtract…
And that’s why I love this time of day; the endless possibilities…
And knowing that if I get to see this time of day tomorrow, I’ll want to be wiser and stronger. 
I'll want to feel good about my use of yesterday, which is today...
And so I am inspired to go out and make something of today

What is your favourite time of the day?


  1. My Favorite time is the day is when the Sun Rise,for me it signifies a new beginning. :)

  2. new day equals new beginning :-)

  3. i like the dawn, just before sunrise. everything is usually so peaceful....

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  5. Hm. I tried to post something earlier.

    My favorite time of the day: when I go out for an evening walk just in time to see the sun sink into an inky sky, just as it traces its path of ambrosia colors. :-)

  6. The sun'll come out to-morrow...And i'll still feel guilty about not being more productive with my usual.

  7. @Didi, Lucci: yay! for new beginnings!!!

    @Stelz: the peace before everyone else wakes is pretty awesome, isn't it?

    @Julz: :)

    @Jay: will do

    @Barb: Sunset is my favorite part of the day for visuals too. Beach sunset, desert sunset(especially when there are mountains on the horizon). I watch for it every evening and it never gets old.

    @A beer for the shower: Don't worry, I give myself this pep talk every morning and my day often comes to the same conclusion as yours, we should probably do something productive with the guilt... probably ;)

  8. I get so much done in the morning! I am so productive...