Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Vacation...

Hello Blogsville,

I must say that I enjoy blogsville during the summer. The frustrated and stressed academic and employment posts greatly reduce and the sunshine generally has a positive addition to the blogposts that are posted.

Most of my summer was taken up by examinations which are thankfully over *phew!* However, I spent the last week visiting with a friend and I must say that I am getting the whole concept of vacationing.

I did not have an all-expenses paid, first-class and five-star holiday or anything but just the little time spent in fellowship with like-minded people, without the stress of schoolwork or employment pressure worked wonders. Little wonder some people do not joke with their leave days even if it is three working days.

During this mini-vacay, I decided to face one of my greatest fears - heights. And what better way than to go on amusement park rides?

My gosh! I certainly bit off more than I can chew. It didn't help that the children before me on the three rides I dared to try were all excited and hands in the air. I gripped the handles so hard I'm surprised I didn't break any and screamed louder than a colic baby. Thoughts? I can cross that off my bucket list but it will take a lot of motivation ;) to get me on one of those again.

Just as we were about to exit, my friend saw the acrophobia ride and decided we had to try that. I don't know what I was thinking but before I knew it, I was on the ride (if it can be called that). This 'ride' is designed to help you face and conquer your fear of heights by lifting you slowly to a height of 200 feet and dropping you at a speed of about 62 miles per hour. The drop takes at most 5 seconds, but it's like the longest five seconds of your life.

I was so scared that I prayed like six times going up. The drop was so bad that when I started to scream, the scream got stuck in my throat. When I got down, 'all the animals on my body had run away (na mi ho mboa nyinaa ayira). You know my post Adrenalin Junkies ? Forget it, I am no Adrenalin Junkie. It's been nearly a week and I have to keep myself from screaming every time the bus takes a bend.

What exciting things have you been doing with your summer? Have you been, and do you enjoy roller coaster and other amusement park rides? Which is your favourite?


  1. I looooooove rollercoasters!
    My favorite is similar to the acrophobia ride you went on. The most heart-pounding I ever experience is on that ride. Specifically, those few seconds it sits at the top... above everything... feet dangling.. waiting..... just before the drop. Then Whoooosh! Free-fall!
    Now that's a thrill!

  2. LMAO!!! Ha! I went to six flags once on an evening where it just for family and friends of my school, so we got to ride many rides. I ended up riding 9 different rides all because of peer pressure. I was the only girl in my group so i didn't want to chicken out early. Let me tell you, that was the first and last day i will ever get on a rollercoaster. It was a horrible experience. My brother said i sounded like i was crying at one point and i told him i was because i felt like i was going to die.

    As for the acrophobia, i got on that one and mehn! Let's just say i've done it and i'll NEVER do it again. Meanwhile the whole time, my brother is hollering in excitement. He's been back to six flags twice since then, but i'm never going back.

  3. Looool!! The thrill of those rides though!
    LoL @sting's story---Im planning a cedar point trip for September, havent been on rides in like 3 years--cant wait!

  4. @ Think-About-It: My favourite part of the ride was getting back onto good old stable ground. lol. But yeah, I totally get the thrill. if only I could calm myself down and enjoy it.
    @ Sting: Tie your cloth to my own, dear. One of the smaller rides had a camera and would take shots you could print out when you came down. I looked like a baby crying and refusing to go away with a stranger who was taking her away from her mother. I can only imagine what I looked like on the more 'thrilling' rides.
    @ Giagerry: I'm excited for you but don't envy you one bit. The next time I have to visit a park can't come slowly enough. I've given up on being a cool mom and will totally wait for my kids on the ground... or not. We'll see how my recovery goes.

  5. White water rafting!!! My lab group was going and my friend convinced me to tag along. I was so sure I was going to die and I cursed myself for agreeing to follow white people out on their adrenaline junkie lifestyle. Turns out I had a blast - I think I enjoyed myself even more than all the white people around! (My fishermen ancestors would be proud of me, representing my Osu and Anloga roots like that, lol).

  6. That, I'd be down to try. Of course, I'd start at grade one and probably stay there. lol.

  7. PS... thanks for all the blog love you've been sending my way! Love love love it!!!

  8. hahahahaha so sorry about that madam,but what were you thinking?? My summer was reduced to visiting a beach resort,thanks to my Big SIS. i don`t blame her,i made the mistake of tweeting about climbing Mount Killi.