Friday, March 4, 2011

When an everyday convo becomes ?poetry?

So I was off twitter for a couple of months and this is how I was welcomed back by my dearest friend Ekow ... (unedited) I like intelligent goofiness :) :) 

The famed Grand Star has returned!
Returned from her quest
Oh brightest Etoile!
How dreary my night sky has been without ye.
Come! Come shine thine light in me.

In thee, thou sayest, brave knight?
Say verily, canst thou stand the heat?
My fiery light is not just bright
it is but also some ferocious  heat

Then burn I will if I must.
For this world is cold and dark
Far cold for the sun's  warmth
Far dark for the sun's piercing rays
So blind me with thine light
Incinerate me with thine warmth.
I will not settle for no other existence!

If so thou desireth most
Then come forth
My dearest Knight
I shall heed thy request
Ash and cinder thou shalt soon be
But thou shall burn in joy and utter glee

Pleasure sweeter than Anything known in this world
Engulf me and leave not a trace of me in this world
Not an atom's trace

written with Ekow


  1. Eish this is LOVE WAN TIN TIN..going to get my baby N do some Now now..GOOD WORK!

  2. You guys wave words into beautiful sentences,you sound like two song birds...