Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nwoye (The Son that never was...)

I just saw this write a story in seven tweets challenge. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED... wanna know what you think :)

#1 I wake up with an ache deep in my belly. My hand instinctively rushes to my abdomen. The most excruciating pain follows & I scream...

#2 My husband awakes. 'Baby, what's wrong?' he asks. The worry & tenderness in his touch, as he wipes sweat from my brow, break my heart.

#3 I listen for the children but they still sleep. I sigh with relief. 'what's wrong?' He repeats. I shake my head & turn to hide my tears

#4 'Bad dream?' I nod. 'I'll make you some tea & we can talk about it okay?' I nod again. My tears choke me. I think he knows we wont talk.

#5 It's happened every 1st April since we've been married. He never gets answers. I want to tell. but he wont understand... noone will.

#6 The pain is mine... I deserve this cruel reminder my womb gives me... of a silent murder... evidence flushed into a septic tank.

#7 Nwoye (yes, I named him) would have turned nine today... if only I'd kept him...

so, what do you think?


  1. do i have to say? :)

  2. I think a full story that's not limited to 7 tweets..
    what say you?

  3. I'm with Davida...a full story beckons.

  4. I shall tell the story... It's a long one though so please be patient and watch this space :) Thanks :)