Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I discovered you too young...

I discovered you too young...

When I was young and scared
And uncertain what to do with you
When the calluses in my hands were
too tender to handle your heat

For yes, even at that tender age
When the stars in my eyes still twinkled
I saw your warning label, tucked in an
obscure corner 'Highly Inflammable'

So even though you were 'Smoking Hot'
I ran, faster than I ever have
But midway, I stopped and waited
long enough for you to catch me...

And that was my sweet mistake
one that almost took my life... (To be continued :P)


  1. aww nice. i am officially anti-love. seems like it brings more pain than happiness these days

  2. ooohh, *clapping in glee* please post the second part already! :)

  3. I love this one really. i guess it's cos i identify with it in some ways. IF only the really good things could have waited till we were old enough, mature enough to handle &appreciate them...*sigh*

  4. Thanks,Ekow,
    @ Kitkat: It's a mixed blessing. We are all not perfect.
    @ Enitan: soon, I promise. Paying academic dues now.
    @ Anyan: ;) I know just what you mean