Sunday, April 17, 2011

What Helps you through Grief?

When we lost Serwah in 2005, I became thoroughly acquainted with Cece Winan's 'Comforter'. I would put it on repeat and pray and cry my my questions and turmoil out to God. I was talking to my friend during that period and as I asked 'God, why?' one more time, she asked me, 'Who fathoms the eternal thought?' 

She was reminding me of one of my favourite Methodist hymns which helped me immensely in high school when my Grandpa passed away. I'd had it on repeat on my 'voicebox' then. As we broke into song together, I felt comfort sweep over my soul. 

The hymn is MHB 513 and I have posted the lyrics below. Since Monday when I heard the news about my grandma, I haven't stopped singing this hymn nor playing 'Comforter'. What helps you in times of sorrow/grief?  Kindly share your go-to scripture, music, quotes, etc. that help you overcome times of grief.

1. Who fathoms the eternal thought?
Who talks of scheme and plan?
The Lord is God! He needeth not
The poor device of man.

2. I see the wrong that round me lies,
I feel the guilt within;
I hear, with groan and travail-cries,
The world confess its sin.

3. Here in the maddening maze of things,
When tossed by storm and flood,
To one fixed ground my spirit clings;
I know that God is good!

4. I long for household voices gone,
For vanished smiles I long:
But God hath led my dear ones on,
And He can do no wrong.

5. I know not what the future hath
Of marvel or surprise,
Assured alone that life and death
His mercy underlies.

6. And if my heart and flesh are weak
To bear an untried pain,
The bruised reed He will not break,
But strengthen and sustain.

7. No offering of my own I have,
Nor works my faith to prove;
I can but give the gifts He gave,
And plead His love for love.

8. And so beside the silent sea
I wait the muffled oar;
No harm from Him can come to me
On ocean or on shore.

9. I know not where His islands lift
Their fronded palms in air;
I only know I cannot drift
Beyond His love and care. 


  1. I've never lost someone so close to me. I'm glad u were able to go through such a tough time..xx

  2. Thanks Dear, I pray you don't have to go through it anytime soon.