Friday, April 22, 2011

When the sea and roads become thirsty for Blood...

Easter is here. In Ghana, this is mega Chilling time. From para-gliding on the Kwahu mountains to beaches being choked with 'picnickers' on Easter Monday, it's a time to de-stress and make merry, often forgetting what we are commemorating. I lie?

As we celebrate the most precious gift there is, the gift of eternal life through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, let's pause and think of those who lose their lives every year as we celebrate this LIFE*

Every year, too many people die in accidents at Christmas & Easter. It's really unfortunate; especially the 'preventable' ones.

It's sad when you hear a young person is dead. It's sadder when you ask for the cause of death and are told drunk-driving & you feel any sympathy people may have had disappear. I bet it's hard to be sympathetic when traces of cocaine in the nostrils and alcohol on the breath are the first things to greet you when you get to an accident scene. Especially when you're a poiceman or coroner and have seen enough wasted youth to last you several lifetimes.

True, it will not be on your obituary because we are Africans and do not speak ill of the dead. But rest assured everyone who makes it to the funeral or asks after you and their family and friends will know. After all, we had our own wireless telephone systems way before cellphones came into their own and none will say it but many will think it; what a waste of youth! It's just like he/she committed willful suicide.

I wonder whether they tell the parents when they call... "We will need you to come over and identify a body we suspect may be your son/daughter. It was a car accident... but we wont be sure of the cause of death till after the autopsy. The amounts of alcohol and narcotics found in his/her blood stream were lethal" God help the parent who has to take that call!!! Please don't make your loved ones have to go through that.

If u're drunk, stay put! Don't put the bottle to your own head & pull the trigger. If you're high, stay put. That is not the time to show your Michael Phelps skills in the sea or your NASCAR skills on the potholed roads. And if u don't drink, etc. Please dont get in a car with a someone who is clearly out of it. sure, your friend loves u, but He/she isnt the one driving at that moment. 

My schoolmate lost a sister on Tuesday. She was sober. It didn't matter. The drunk-driver made it and should be discharged Today. I'm not saying he should have died... I'm just stating she didn't live.

So as you go a-chilling this Easter, please don't have an accident or drown at the beach because you were drunk. God forbid that it happen! I pray no one crashes nor drowns... But if it must, don't let it be by your own hand. Don't be reckless with life as we celebrate the gift of life..

What's up for  ? Kwahu mountains? While para-gliding, look at the amazing scenery and acknowledge the gift we commemorate. Salvation!

We know we will all go one day. WHEN & HOW you'll go is, for the most part, out of your control. At least make sure you know WHERE u'll go... It's where you'll spend the rest of time. Don't leave your destination to chance.


  1. wow, i wish U could get on national TV and preach this,well those who have ears will listen and those who don`t have their faith waiting for them..for Me,its a Movie Easter..Went for the National Theatre Premier of Adam`s Apple and My My,i was blown away...Thanks to a girlfriend..Happy Easter. How are U celebrating anyway?

  2. true story. many people get caught up in the festivity of a holiday without remembering the reason for that holiday. and omg, so many people have died since 2011 begun. I lost a school mate and i still cant believe she's gone.

  3. This is a very important topic. In Nigeria, there are absolutely no rules around this. Heck, the police men that flag you down at night may even have alcohol on their breath.

    Car washes sell alcohol so that patrons can have a drink or 2 while waiting. It is all very sad. Especially as these people usually know better.

  4. Didi, I'm glad you had fun. This 'girlfriend'... hmm...
    I had schoolwork I was catching up on. No holiday here so no chilling kwraaa.
    @ Kitkat: Death is getting more and more aggressive. And sadly we are getting more and more reckless. May their souls rest in peace
    @ Natural Nigerian: Hmm... sad story about our policemen. Not only may they be drunker than you, they are more interested in your money and could't care less about your safety.