Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Melt You... (A response to my last post 'I Break Too...')

Sometimes, you're speaking and formulating your thoughts as you go; and as you pause to catch your breath or find an appropriate word, someone completes your sentence for you.

Sometimes, you may not have known at the time the person volunteered the words, exactly what you were going to say next. And yet, they say exactly what your unformed thoughts would have said if they had fully formed...

Sometimes, they say it better than you were thinking it would be... and your brain just goes to rest knowing that it's mission to communicate thoughts and feelings has been accomplished with very welcome help.

That is how I felt yesterday when Nii Amaah at Mouse's Musings wrote Melt You and credited the inspiration to my post. Like I commented on his post, If my monologue was to be a dialogue, I couldn't think of a better script for a response myself.

It may not have been meant as such but It's the best compliment my writing has been paid to date :) :) To be able to inspire such beauty! *sigh!*

I present to you... 'Melt You...'

Melt You

so i read this piece called 'I break too' which inspired 
this piece which i wrote off the cuff but i hope you enjoy. 

Melt You
I am asking for your love to flow, 
I know, I know,
you don't need me and you want me to stay away, 
but i can't help myself but to come close anyway, 
besides, it seems as if you want me close because 
you are everywhere, 
you claim its a glare but all i am reading is a wanting stare, 
engrossed in your book only to build a caricature of my smile,
with those "thees and thous", thine heart pleads to be mine, 
YOU need love and your thoughts of "leave me be" 
to my heart calls, 
your attempts to repulse, my passion engulfs, 
hidden behind the clothes and attempts to act aloof, 
is a want to care, a woman desiring to be loved 
and i am not fooled, 
so this time, my touch on the shoulder will only soothe, 
my tender hug goodbye will make you swoon,
I will pick at that crack, barge through that gate, 
i beg of you, don't fight this, don't push back 
because there is a twist, 
i can promise you this, 
i will not break you, 
i intend to melt the ice around your heart and ask 
that you drench me in your love, 
i will not break you, i will melt you, 
so please, let your love flow.

Credit: Nii Amaah (2011)

PS: If you don't melt, abeg, go and see a cardiologist. 
Your heart may have turned to stone. True story!