Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Icy-Handed, Unwelcome Visitor (Thief)

Death is never funny but here I am wishing, ten days after April fool's day, that my brother will apologize and say that it was a joke. Although It would be in very bad taste, I'd be too happy and relieved to scold him.

Even after confirmation from my mom, the news has still not sunk in... How can it? It's like being told the sun will not rise tomorrow. I am still very much tempted to call her phone to see if she would pick up and tell me it was just a dream... but equally scared that she won't pick up and I'd be forced to face the reality that she's really gone.

Something has fallen in my eyes, as is said in Akan, but tears are refusing to fall to clear that which has fallen onto my eyeballs. Who is dead? You may be wondering. If I said my grandma, it wouldn't be an accurate description... for she was more. 

Related by the blood of Christ more than anything else, this woman was my grandma, intercessor, advisor, you just name it. A mother to my mother for all the years I've been alive. Yet death, with impunity, just snatched her away this morning... I am sad... and I am angry... but mostly sad...

My only comfort is that she has gone to be with the Lord... May her soul rest in peace!

About that, I just have to ask... Will your family have that comfort when you're gone? I've been thinking a lot about this. Death has this way of punching you in the solar plexus with a reminder of the life hereafter... 

I believe it causes you to think even when you're an atheist or agnostic or say you do not care. For no one has come back to confirm that indeed this life is all there is, and religion is indeed 'rubbish' What if there's more?

Whilst we have life, we still have a chance to decide... Please think about it. After here, what next... And yes, if you ask me, I recommend Jesus...


  1. Death is a real cold awakening for most o us. i lost my aunt some years ago and it really hit me hard. sowi bout ur grandma hun

  2. so sorry about your loss.
    i love to say, death brings life into perspective.
    i put a post up on R.I.P,how we use it in the wrong when we're certain a person hasnt lived a life pleasing to God.
    thank God shes really resting in peace.that should be the joy of you and your family.
    i don't want to think about loosing my grandma. shes special. so i cant say i know how you feel.
    the lord is your strength.

  3. So sorry about your loss dear.

  4. Thank you all...
    @ Kitkat: Sorry about your Aunt.
    @ Fantasy queen: That is true. Thatnks for the encouragement
    @ Didi: Thanks, Dear.