Thursday, January 27, 2011

Missing you (The poem that got me into trouble)

I did not intend to write about you
But I picked up my pen, looked at the paper
And thoughts of you flew unbidden from my mind
Streaming down my right hand,
into the pen and onto this sheet

I wasn't even thinking about you when I began writing this
But once I started, memories of you, of us,
came flooding out of the innermost recesses of my mind
Where I had stored them to ensure
That they were never lost to me

These memories came jumping at me,
flooring me with emotions I had long forgotten
- or so I thought. I remember all the smiles
you put on my face and how being with you
Is like nothing else I've experienced on earth

I would have argued my memory wasn't photographic
But these pictures, of your chiselled jaw,
of your dark, honeyed lips, high definition and not photo-shopped
are telling me otherwise as I wonder where this poem is going
and whether it is going anywhere at all

I picked my pen cos there were thoughts
demanding to be put into words, demanding to be let out
I did not know what they had to say
but they insisted  on being heard
And now, laid bare for all to see, especially you...

Is my heart's longing to beat next to yours
Is my mind's wish for more such memories
Is my emotions desire to come out of hiding
Is my body saying so many things
I don't know which one to put down

To say I miss you mocks what I feel
I close my eyes, take a deep breath and smell you
My breath slows down, I calm down and can feel you
Holding my hand, letting me know you are right beside me
That miles and miles of sand and water don't matter

That I don't need to sit here and wonder
That I'm only mirroring how you feel
That you miss me too, and one day at a time is fine for now
That no matter what the future holds for us,
Today, I love you and you love me too... and it's enough

for now... Je t'aime.


  1. hmm.. lovely poem!
    wonder hw it got u in trouble though?.. ur liking a guy thts already in a relationship? :p