Friday, January 21, 2011

Wisdom of Experience

I was recently asked by an inquiring young mind, as she watched her parents renew their vows on their silver jubilee. 'Sister Oye, do you think I'll be able to find a man as handsome and awesome as Daddy?' I smiled and whispered words that exposed my age and experience. 

'Sweetheart', I said, giving her a hug. 'Finding a great guy should be the least of your worries at seventeen. In fact, it's child's play compared to how to keep him once you find him. For now, I want you to promise me something. Focus your energy on becoming a woman as awesome as mommy. Learn all you can about how she kept Daddy around for all these years. In doing so, you will not only learn how to keep him once you find him, You will recognize him as soon as he arrives...'


  1. Chale that's deep ooh. Eii Nana you sure u didn't get this from Oprah or something? lol

  2. Sister Julie paa! m'ashocki ama wo :) all me, by God's grace