Thursday, January 13, 2011

Talk to me...

The importance of communication in any relationship cannot be overemphasized. From our relationships with God, to family, friends and lovers. C'est tres important.

No wonder Nigerian mothers ask their daughters 'Who are u talking to these days?' when fishing for news of a prospective son in law. Just as what you focus on becomes your reality, who you talk to most, captures the most of your attention and interest, and ceteris paribus, has your heart...

Letter from a Contract Worker 
by Antonio Jacinto 
from Angola, is 
one of my favorite African Poems. It highlights the helplessness the inability to communicate in a relationship can bring like nother. The despair in the end, says it all... Please enj
oy the p
oem thinking 
of h
ow happy they w
ould b
be if she actually heard all he had t
o say...

 wanted to write you a letter
my love,
a letter that would tell
of this desire
to see you
of this fear
of losing you
of this more than benevolence that I feel
of this indefinable ill that pursues me
of this yearning to which I live in total surrender ...

I wanted to write you a letter
my love,
a letter of intimate secrets,
a letter of memories of you,
of you
of your lips red as henna
of your hair black as mud
of your eyes sweet as honey
of your breasts hard as wild orange
of your lynx gait
and of your caresses
such that I can find no better here ...
I wanted to write you a letter
my love,
that would recall the days in our haunts
our nights lost in the long grass
that would recall the shade falling on us from the plum
the moon filtering through the endless palm trees
that would recall the madness
of our passion
and the bitterness
of our separation ...

I wanted to write you a letter
my love,
that you would not read without sighing
that you would hide from from papa Bombo
that you would withhold from mama Kieza
that you would reread without the coldness
of forgetting
a letter to which in all Kilombo
no other would stand comparison ...

I wanted to write you a letter
my love
a letter that would be brought to you by the passing wind
a letter that the cashews and coffee trees
the hyenas and buffaloes
the alligators and grayling
could understand
so that if the wind should lose it on the way
the beasts and plants
with pity for our sharp suffering
from song go song
lament to lament
gabble to gabble
would bring you pure and hot
the burning words
the sorrowful words of the letter
I wanted to write to you my love ...

I wanted to write you a letter ...

But oh my love, I cannot understand
why it is, why it is, why it is, my dear
that you cannot read
and I - Oh the hopelessness! - cannot write!


  1. I absolutely love Letter from a contract worker! It's a favorite of mine too. So much love and yearning lost in the inability to read or write..

  2. Awww... more evidence of our great taste. lol...