Monday, January 17, 2011

What your grades really mean???

##From a course outline I chanced upon on the internet...

The purpose of grades is to provide a signal of your aptitude and potential to yourself, the department, the university, future employers,and others.

Here is what I believe those signals should indicate for a graduate-level course:
A - Thorough understanding of the material, and demonstrated ability to apply the concepts to problems beyond the scope of the course.
B - Good understanding of the material but unclear whether the student would be able to extend the concepts beyond the course.
C - Failed to achieve of the objectives noted above.
D - A lot worse than C.
F - Forgot to withdraw from the class 

 SMH! Na pass mark bi A dat o...


  1. Graduate School in Legon has only three pass levels: A, B+ and B. C, D, and F are fails which must be passed before completing.

  2. Nana, apparently, that is standard because nobody takes your transcript seriously if you have less than that on a graduate transcript. Since graduate school is a specialization of your choice, it is expected that your minimum grade or at least GPA be a B+. Classic case of the higher you go...